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This company is fraud, they promised me a training /placement and charged $900. This guy Venkateshh dont know what his real name is will ask to send a check somewhere to personal acct that created a doubt but this guy is so polite u'll fall for his words.

His trainer who never revealed his real name completed half training and left the technical parts out , provided free videos to go learn it yourself and then disappeared never followed up. I called so many times and initially said in one week we will start process of placement. Had the audacity to let another recruiter call and say we will contact you. called several times he wont return calls.

scam !

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



Hi - I don't know who posted this without name and number. Why are you posting such non sense without knowing anything about our company. You can contact us if you have any issues with our training or placement, but please stop doing such practices without knowing our track record in training and placements.



HR Department

to Priya Cumming, Georgia, United States #956118

where to contact u since no body is picking up the phone and least bothered to reply to an email. i am going through similar situation. Priya i will appreciate it if you can fix these issues.


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